From Earth to Space


ASAS – (Associazione per i Servizi, le Applicazioni e le Tecnologie ICT per lo Spazio / Association for Space-based ICT Technologies, Applications and Services) is an Italian industrial association founded in 2004 and promoting the development of the Space Sector. The association has as strategy the growth and new development of applications and services based on space technologies, moving the emphasis of the economic and social contribution of this sector “From Space to Earth”.

ASAS is member of the industrial Federation CSIT (Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici) belonging to the Italian largest organization representing the manufacturing and services companies: Confederazione Generale dell’Industria Italiana – Confindustria.
ASAS main goal is to promote the use of Space based Services and Applications, transferring “from Space to Earth” technological innovation improving the citizens quality of life.
Space-based Services and Applications exploiting the Space infrastructures for terrestrial purposes are key connections to the market and a basic elements for the growth of the whole Space sector business.

Large, Medium and Small Enterprises, main players and leaders in Earth Observation, Telecommunications, Navigation, Integrated Applications, Security space related fields today are members of the ASAS association .

Applications and services are, according to ASAS, key links between the most “commercial” space activities (satellites and platforms) with their associated ground segment and the users and the market. These activities hold a significant growth potential for development, so far not sufficiently exploited, which could contribute significantly to the technological innovation of the Country. For these reasons, the Association has as  goal to propose and to present to the users the new exploitation  opportunities offered by the space-based applications and services and , in the following, to support those users dealing with such opportunities.


As also shown by the Europe 2020 program, the space activities and technologies represent a powerful tool to develop knowledge and innovation, to support promotion of wellness and quality of life, as well as to contrast natural disasters and critical emergencies. We can stress the positive impact of use of space-based infrastructure and applications for public security, environmental protection, transport safety, telecommunications, health, energy, agriculture, control and management of land and many other sectors.


In this scenario a key role is played by the service companies because being coupled to the  end-users requirements they can monitor their real needs and the relevant evolution providing an effective feedback thus leading the contribution of the space sector closer to the market.


The Association has become the leading promoter of several initiatives of great impact for the represented companies in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency which reached a significant result in the on-going coordination activities contract signed by the Agency and  by the national industrial associations; has promoted together with the other space industrial associations, the Industrial Board “Space Italy” , playing a key role in the definition of  the industrial priorities and suggested projects; the establishment of the Technological Platform SPIN-IT (Space Innovation in Italy) involving all the major companies, universities and research institutes.


President of ASAS is Lorenzo D’Onghia.