Associate Members



TeRN “Tecnologie per le Osservazioni della Terra e i Rischi Naturali” is a public-private consortium made-up as part of a Framework Program Agreement between the Ministry of Education, MEF and the Basilicata Region aimed at implementing the technological district. The Consortium is made up of 51% for the public partners and 49% by private partners. Main activities are the development and integration of different observational technologies (Sensor Synergy) from the ground, aircraft, and satellite for monitoring and mitigation of natural hazards, with particular attention to climate risks, hydrogeological and seismic



D-Orbit develops smart propulsive devices to be installed on satellites in order to safely and rapidly remove them at the end of life or when they stop working, along a controlled trajectory towards Earth or into graveyard orbits. D-Orbit eliminates the risk of collisions on orbit or against people and assets on the Earth, ensuring a clean and safe access to Space.



Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe srl is a services provider to access Space for smallsats (from 1 U to Microsat) and payloads towards sub-orbital and orbital platforms (LEO, Moon, Asteroids). It serves customer needs in line with its credo of democratizing the access to Space. Nanoracks european headquarter in located in Turin (Italy).



TECHSEMA srl is an Italian SME owned by private managers with the mission to analyse and exploit the development of available satellite technologies for social and commercial applications. TECHSEMA offers: assistance in the field of satellite TLC applications for social services with institutional entities; advice and assistance in the field of analysis and management of synthetic scenarios, virtual reality models, E.O. images treatment and photo interpretation; communication and data dissemination plans; assistance in requests of financing at local, national and European level.



TRANS-TECH mission is to provide to small and medium enterprises a tangible support for technology innovation and business development. Engineering services provided are product development and innovation, production process innovation, management of R&D programs and projects, design of  high-tech systems, internationalization. Capabilities are enhanced by collaboration agreements and partnership with SMEs and innovative start-ups, service companies, universities and  research centers, professionals. TRANS- TECH is a reference point in Italy for promotion, development of technology and marketing services related to Space Tourism.