Member Companies


Aerospazio Tecnologie is a leading SME providing high qualified engineering and test services in the fields of Electric Space Propulsion and Thermal-vacuum. AEROSPAZIO operates some of the largest EP test facilities presently available in Europe, equipped with advanced state of the art diagnostics. Customers include the main European satellite manufacturers as well as EP technology players.


Antech Space Srl designs, manufactures and integrates turn-key satellite telecommunications systems and many related RF equipment. The company, founded in 2016, is a systems integrator with highly experienced team in the reference market of satellite operators and their end users, such as national broadcasters, defense and space agencies, etc. Antech Space has a product range that includes Ka, K, Ku, X, C, S and L band systems for fixed and mobile antennas up to many customized solutions.


Axipiter is an Italian company operating in the Space Economy with a strong technological character, linked to ICT, passionate about design and development of innovation.
Axipiter's Mission is "Create an Open Space" through the propagation of the “Axipiter ICT Platform” focused on the "Interoperability between and within actors of the Space-Economy” enabled by innovative “Infrastructures, Solutions and
Features " able to generate Value, Safety and Wellbeing.


BV TECH is an entirely Italian innovative group, established in the 2005, it is a holding of companies specialised in engineering, IT services, telecommunications, integrated applications services and security.
BV TECH is among the main protagonists of the national scene with regard to ICT, Document and Archival management, and to management consulting in the areas of Defence, Security, Finance, Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare.


Design and construction of electronics and mechanical systems, telecommunication systems for mobile and transportable station terrestrial and airborne, for space, defense and strategic applications. Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (M-GSE), Electronic Ground Support equipment (E-GSE). Design and implementation of ballistic protection on shelter and vehicles. Design and equipping of shelters, vans, trucks, tracked vehicles, moving platforms, trailers, vehicles in general, both civilian and military. Design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, cabling and silkscreen for space and defense.


Engineering. is an Italian leading company in ICT services from consulting, outsourcing, application management and system integration, counting more than 35 years professional experience in the Public Administration, Industry and Finance sectors. As trusted partner of the Italian Department of Defence, the Intelligence community, the company delivers full life cycle systems and services command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR), Security, Maritime Situation Awareness (MSA), training and simulation and enterprise IT systems.


Esri is the world leader in GIS software and its network system includes 80 international companies in 200 countries. Esri Italia, Official Distributor in Italy, is the leading company in GIS Solutions to support decision-making processes. The offering integrates Software GIS, Geospatial Data, Training and Professional Services. Major Customers are in Government, Defense and Intelligence, Telecom and Utilities, Industry, Service Companies, Universities and Research Institutes.


Born in Rome in 2005, is the distributor for Italy of AGI products, software to model, analyze and visualize space, defense and intelligence systems, OrbitLogic products for Mission Planning, REMCOM products for Electro Magnetic Modeling & Simulation and Imagesat International Remote Sensing Satellite Images. GMSPAZIO offers consulting services and training related to these products. It also operates in the field UAV surveillance services, geographic information systems customization, and in satellite remote sensing images processing and related value added services.


Hughes is the leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office, delivering network technologies, managed services and solutions for enterprises and governments globally. Hughes is the main provider of satellite high-speed internet service in North America and of satellite terminals worldwide. Hughes owns and operates services in the U.S., Europe, India, Brazil, China.


Information Technology Services Srl has been incorporated on 1999 and develop High End IT Application in the following sectors: Space, Defence, Commercial. Major technologies insist in:Satellite TLC Space and Ground Architecture consultancy; High Performance Computing HW and SW architecture; Simulation and Modeling of Complex Scenario; RFID Applications.


Kell s.r.l. is an Italian software development SME located in Rome and Arezzo– Italy, since 1997 has operated in software and TLC integration employing ground and satellite networks, in particular for Telemedicine, and satellite and airborne remote sensing. Has strong compentencies in: research & development projects management, algorithms analysis and development, software and application services development for private and public market.


LAER is a private Italian Company, UNI EN ISO 9100:2009-9001:2008 and NADCAP qualified, worldwide operating since 1989 in aerospace field. The core business is represented by Design, Manufacturing , Assembling and Integration of Complex Aerospace Structures assemblies, either metal or Fiber Reinforced Composite Parts. The main products are represented by : section of Aircraft fuselage; moveable surfaces; machined parts for primary structure such as Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizer. LAER is also involved in the most important aeronautical programs and ambitious R&D projects, assuring a continuous improvement of its Know How and Competences.

Major Bit Consulting

The Major Bit Consulting active since 1993 throughout the national territory in the ICT world, articulates its offer in Software Development, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Security, Bpm, Cloud Solutions, IT Service & Infrastructure. The Group’s mission focuses on the world of research and innovation, services and technologies that look to the future of the ICT sector and the distribution of vertical hardware / software solutions for latest-generation systems and architectures. We provide value-added specialist advice, professional training services to our national and international clients, making use of highly qualified personnel on the reference technologies and the state of the art.


MAPSAT is a Company (Innovative Startup) founded in 2015 and based in the South of Italy (Benevento, Campania). MAPSAT designs and provides a new generation of products/services based on remote sensing, for the public (civil and military) and private market, focused on land management planning, environmental monitoring and citizen security. MAPSAT took over the infrastructures of MARSec (Mediterranean Agency for Remote Sensing and Environmental Control), unique center – in Italy – able to plan and receive data from very-high-resolution optical satellites for civil use. MAPSAT has many important references in EO sector: NASA, CSA/MDA, Imagesat INTL, ESA, ASI.

NEMEA Sistemi

NeMeA Sistemi is an Italian SME company, established in 2002 with more than ten years experience in GIS, remote sensing, RADAR/SAR, geospatial solutions and photogrammetry. It operates in geographic information systems (GIS) and provides highly specialized solutions in data and systems integration, with particular focus on start-up GIS for utility companies and local government. In the field of USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel) NeMea Sistemi srl designed, built, engineered and regularly registered a multifunctional USV conducted by remote control, equipped with a GNSS receiver, a single-beam echosounder and an advanced sensoristic system which allows to collect bathymetrics data directly in GIS environment.


Nurjana Technologies provides Systems and SW Solutions for System Integration and Sensor Data Fusion & Tracking based on a strong System Engineering approach. The MSCCS is an integrated and modular Command & Control System based on the NT software MMP designed to provide a complete suite of applications for a wide spectrum of testing and evaluation activities. NEOS is a complete HW and SW system for real time optical tracking in the field of high precision measurements and SST/SSA. NT-SST is a software suite for orbit determination, accurate propagation and conjunction analysis based on multi sensor data fusion algorithms”


Progetti Speciali Italiani Srl (PSI) has been incorporated along the 2006 to face the deep changes in Italy on the Aerospace and Defence Sector.
PSI is deeply involved at national and international level in the development of dual use Microsatellites, on board High Performance electronic suites for UAV, Special Composites for Reentry Vehicles and in the definition of a Small Geo TLC Satellite Infrastructure.
PSI group turnover is about 20 MEuro with about 200 employees.


The company has as its objective to carry on, in Italy and abroad, activities of research, development, industrialization, production, assembly, integration, proof-testing, marketing, post-sales assistance and training in many filed, such as: command and control systems; space products and systems; civil products and systems also having dual civil-military use based on radar or electro-optical technologies; systems and products for terrestrial and naval anti-aircraft defense, cannons with their mountings, guided missiles with the related launching and guidance systems.

SERCO Italia

Serco specialise in the delivery of essential public services, with over 50,000 people working in defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen services across our four regions: Uk and Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East.


Sicilsat Communications operates in the area of satellite communication systems. The company was founded in 2010 by Concetto Squadrito which has more than thirty years of experience in the telecommunications sector. The main activities are focused on design, manufacture, installation and testing of up-link and satellite system, but also planar technology and phased array based solution.
Sicilsat Communications designs and manufactures ground and mobile satellite systems, adapting them to his customers needs. This allows to obtain high reliability, a good standard realization, while maintaining a very competitive final price


Sielte is a leading company in system & service integration for telecommunication networks, fixed, mobile, transports and advanced technological systems, surveillance, security, supervision and communication systems for civil, industrial and military fields. Sielte also offers a wide portfolio of solutions and turn-key services covering the value chain from engineering to implementation, technical assistance and operations & maintenance.


Systems Development & Support S.r.l. - SDS is a limited liability company established in 1998, engaged in the design, development and production of Systems, sub-systems (Electronic Warfare and Radars Systems) and RF microwave active and passive components for use in military and civil applications


Safe Structures Company (SSC) is a start-up founded in 2019 and consecrated to innovation. Its founders (Leonardo Gagliardi, Fabio Gerace and Paolo Di Scanno), coming from Space and Ground markets, joined to share their experiences and to merge their competences in electronics, structures and information technologies to solve industrial problems. Its first innovation project has been GAMBE – GNSS And Mobile data for BridgE monitoring – with the objective to monitoring healthy of highway bridges by using, GNSS, IoT and Big Data paradigms.


Tyvak is transforming access to space by providing end-to-end, cost effective space systems using agile aerospace processes and accelerating on-orbit success.
We specialize in spacecraft development, launch services and on-orbit operations to deliver small satellites for critical missions across a variety of applications in LEO, GEO and beyond Earth orbit, and vehicle classes, including nanosatellites and microsatellites.


Associate Members

DESA Engineering

DESA’ Engineering offers engineering and design dervices in the field of aerospace, railway vehicles and machinery.
DESA’ has been operating on international markets since 2014. Today has more than 45 highly qualified employees in various offices as close as possible to current customers. DESA’ is a service provider in highly specialized area of aerospace engineering. May also specialize in a particular type of aerospace product, such as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The company has gained competency and experience in small Helicopters and remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS).


TeRN “Tecnologie per le Osservazioni della Terra e i Rischi Naturali” is a public-private consortium made-up as part of a Framework Program Agreement between the Ministry of Education, MEF and the Basilicata Region aimed at implementing the technological district. The Consortium is made up of 51% for the public partners and 49% by private partners. Main activities are the development and integration of different observational technologies (Sensor Synergy) from the ground, aircraft, and satellite for monitoring and mitigation of natural hazards, with particular attention to climate risks, hydrogeological and seismic


Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe srl is a services provider to access Space for smallsats (from 1 U to Microsat) and payloads towards sub-orbital and orbital platforms (LEO, Moon, Asteroids). It serves customer needs in line with its credo of democratizing the access to Space. Nanoracks european headquarter in located in Turin (Italy).


Poema was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of INAF (National Institute for Astrophysics), based in the OAC (Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari). The company deals with high-level electronic and software consulting, design and construction services for non-contact measuring devices.
The company also deals in optical systems for renewable energy and Internet of Things system design.


TRANS-TECH mission is to provide to small and medium enterprises a tangible support for technology innovation and business development. Engineering services provided are product development and innovation, production process innovation, management of R&D programs and projects, design of  high-tech systems, internationalization. Capabilities are enhanced by collaboration agreements and partnership with SMEs and innovative start-ups, service companies, universities and  research centers, professionals. TRANS- TECH is a reference point in Italy for promotion, development of technology and marketing services related to Space Tourism.