Space Factory Srl


BLU ELECTRONIC srl is an Italian based company since 1998 and it is a Logic Group company since 2018. It is an electronic systems design house which facilitates the design, the development, the
production, the test & integration of highly reliable equipment for aerospace purposes. The company has and manages its own facilities, e. g. cleaning room (ISO08) and testing capabilities, for the
production of avionics systems in line with aerospace compliance requirements and related standard policies. It has its own qualified personnel (operators and inspectors) to meet ECSS standards and
policies. It is certified UNI EN9100 since 2019. The development of the hardware including software elements has proven to be operational and functional to different orbital positions (e. g. LEO, GEO,
etc.) on board of different platforms (e. g. space transportation vehicles, habitat modules, spacecraft, sondes, etc.).